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Computer Aid, Inc.

Computer Aid, Inc.
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Computer Aid, Inc. is a worldwide computer services company established in 1981 with more than 3,000 technical and managerial professionals on five continents.

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IT Health Check

How often do you take your car for a tune-up and oil change?

As individuals, we all understand the value of regular maintenance and good preventive medicine. We would never want to put ourselves at risk of having our car break down in the middle of a family vacation. A firm’s IT function also needs a regular preventative maintenance to ensure that the business will not be at risk due to a breakdown of IT function's components during a critical time period.

What can happen to you if you have a "sick" IT organization?

  • Missed opportunities
  • Business interruptions
  • Financial decline
  • Legal exposure
  • Security breaches
  • Business failure
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