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Computer Aid, Inc.

Computer Aid, Inc.
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Computer Aid, Inc. is a worldwide computer services company established in 1981 with more than 3,000 technical and managerial professionals on five continents.

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A high functioning IT organization is critical for extraordinary business success.

Business growth is a direct result of how effectively the power and functionality of technology are harnessed.

CIOs in high performing organizations focus on:

  • Business Alignment
    The right technology can accomplish business objectives, provide a platform for new and innovative business functionality, and improve the customer experience.
  • Cost Containment
    Technology drives efficiency of internal processes which enables cost cutting measures.
  • Risk Mitigation
    Technology is the backbone of any business.  But technology is susceptible to attacks and failures. The IT organization must control risk so the rest of the business can thrive.

Doing the Right Thing and Doing Things Right

Effective IT Success IT HealthCheck enables us to quickly assess where business and IT strategy are not aligned. IT HealthCheck determines if the IT function is following generally accepted practices. This is enabled via a unique and proprietary assessment process. IT Healthcheck answers the questions of whether or not IT is serving the needs of the business (Doing the right things) and if IT is following generally accepted practices (Doing things right).

With CAI Buzz’s IT HealthCheck you can make sure your IT organization is focused on effective success. Our IT Health Check is objective, impartial, and customized to your business needs.

Benefits of an IT Healthcheck

A check-up can help to make your business better and more profitable. It can identify opportunities for improvement and help eliminate issues that put the business at risk. An IT check-up helps to provide a complete view of the status and problems of internal operations, as well as potential management disconnects.

  • Enhance Business Alignment
    • Support for Critical Business Objectives
    • Drive Market Share Increases
    • Increase Overall Effectiveness
  • Reduce Costs
    • Efficient use of technology
    • Identify business alignment, process compliance, availability and reliability issues
  • Reduce Risks
    • Best Practice Adherence
    • Identify disconnects
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