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Computer Aid, Inc.
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Computer Aid, Inc. is a worldwide computer services company established in 1981 with more than 3,000 technical and managerial professionals on five continents.

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Portfolio Management delivers benefits throughout the organization

Executive Leaders

  • Balance portfolios to prioritize investments
  • Align projects with strategic enterprise objectives
  • Evolve ideas, proposals, and initiatives into measurable programs and projects

Program and Project Managers

  • Make timely informed decisions based on accurate project data
  • Balance workload, manage skills inventory and usage
  • Actively manage risks and issues as they arise


  • Leverage reusable process templates for collaboration and communication
  • Communicate, coordinate, and collaborate globally

Project Validation

Confirm how a project adds value to your organization. With Portfolio Management each proposal is accompanied by a simple Value Proposition document describing the work and the value it will provide. The Value Proposition will also show proposal alignment with the overall strategy and goals.

Project Priority

Ensure your IT projects are aligned with your overall strategy. Portfolio Management helps you prioritize across all organizational units to build and maintain a list of projects that provide optimum value to the business.

Overall Project Balance

Design a project mix that delivers the most valuable results in the shortest time. Portfolio Management helps you manage the overall portfolio risk by managing the mixture of high-reward, high-risk projects with your overall workload. Portfolio Management helps you keep your entire organization moving forward despite committing to higher risk activities.


Slash wasted energies on unauthorized or redundant work. Gain control over your organization’s work with Portfolio Management. Assign and delegate resources to the most valuable initiatives. Now you can easily set aside funding and resources to complete the work and keep your organization focused on your strategic goals.

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