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Computer Aid, Inc. is a worldwide computer services company established in 1981 with more than 3,000 technical and managerial professionals on five continents.

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ITBuzz's Architecture

ITBuzz is built on our highly flexible, easy-to-use development platform, Advanced Management Insight. AMI is a powerful framework for creating highly customized management solutions without programming.

AMI allows for easy, rapid development by providing five core systems which solution authors can quickly leverage.

Because ITBuzz is an AMI-based solution, customers are able to leverage all of AMI's capabilities to build additional solutions and capabilities:

  • Develop custom solutions within weeks
  • Leverage the knowledge of your best people across your organization
  • Assure compliance with your best practices and standards
ITBuzz Control Room

The ITBuzz Control Room

A first-ever "nuclear control room" for IT projects. It filters operational data and human feedback through a proprietary knowledge system that constantly searches for compliance, risks, etc., preparing a constant flow of evaluative data for analysis and presentation.

The Value

  • Automated analysis and diagnostics based on key performance indicators
  • Constant, phase-by-phase PMO reviews of every project
  • Regularly scheduled input from all project stakeholders, along with data feeds from operation systems
  • Early phase risk analysis leading to reduced failure, delays, costs, and improved customer satisfaction

Key Features

  • Built-in issue tracking system
  • Risk assessment and scoring engine
  • Project review scheduling
  • QA compliance management
  • KPI scoring and reporting

The Operational Information Integration System

Accumulate quantitative project data and 360-degree team feedback to assemble and present a constant stream of operational data to the "control room." Working with the Knowledge System, selectively gather only the pertinent data required for the review process.

The Value

  • A complete, holistic view of your projects' health and status
  • Further leverage of project data you already collect, such as time, cost, and resource data
  • An understanding of the human dimensions of your projects by capturing subjective feedback that often gets missed by traditional PM tools
  • Manage all data flow for all projects
  • Minimizes time, energy, and cost to collect and process QA data

Key Features

  • Ability to import data from your existing systems
  • Gathers feedback from the right people at the right time
  • Role specific knowledge and interaction
  • Requires little human effort (automated)

The Expert Knowledge System

A library of expert knowledge which includes industry best practices, key performance indicators, rules, and standards that can be consistently leveraged on every project, right out-of-the-box.

The Value

  • Systematic application of best practices, standard processes, etc.
  • World-wide expertise applied regularly and systematically
  • A true "expert system" extension for QA analysis
  • Easily extendable to include additional organization-specific knowledge and rules

Key Features

  • Industry standard processes and best practices...built in!
  • Support for multiple methodologies
  • Easily extended into new target areas

The Analysis & Presentation System

Take the data provided by the control room and provide robust and open visibility and insight into project status.

The Value

  • Anomalies and potential risks are quickly and easily identified
  • Easily used drill down capability to perform discovery and root cause analysis
  • Alerts and exceptions give you early insight into off-track activity and project risks
  • Provides a clear view of "operational reality vs. desired or best practices"
  • A comprehensive "hub" for project visibility, control, and improvement
  • Continuous team feedback accelerates the learning of the organization

Key Features

  • Robust, interactive dashboards that provide at-a-glance access to your most important data
  • The ability to create and share custom report using the tools of your choice
  • Portfolio risk roll-up
  • Exceptions alerting and reporting

The Comprehensive Data Repository System

First-ever repository of all historical project data, findings, and analysis, providing a base repository reflecting all ongoing and past project and review cycle data.

The Value

  • Archived project data allows you to view performance trends across a project's lifecycle
  • Compare present project to past performance (benchmarking)
  • Composite risk profiles for each project

Key Features

  • A full BI repository
  • Captures a comprehensive project diary for all reviews, phases, etc.
  • Easily acts as input to extensive benchmarking and operational research
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