Computer Aid, Inc.

Computer Aid, Inc.

Computer Aid, Inc.
World Headquarters
1390 Ridgeview Dr.
Allentown, PA 18104 USA


Computer Aid, Inc. is a worldwide computer services company established in 1981 with more than 3,000 technical and managerial professionals on five continents.

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A full suite of solutions

Bringing Visibility, Control, and Optimization to your IT Organization!

A full suite of solutions IT Healthcheck Project Management Portfolio Management Issue Management Capability Management Results Management Service Management
Portfolio Management

Deliver valuable, aligned, and balanced solutions to your business

With Portfolio Buzz, you can easily align your resources to the projects that contribute the highest value to the business:

  • Optimally allocate resources
  • Balance your portfolio based on resource expenditures
  • Build a portfolio that has the right risk/reward mix of projects to achieve your business objectives
Project Management

Ensure project success

Automated Project Office is a management solution that helps you answer the question, “Will my project be successful?” APO:

  • Optimizes resource performance and improves productivity
  • Enforces defined processes
  • Highlights anomalies
Service Management

Optimize your organization's operations

Service Buzz oversees your deployed IT products and day-to-day services. Service Buzz will help you:

  • Optimize resource performance
  • Stabilize deployed applications
  • Improve business alignment
  • Identify service improvement opportunities
Results Management

Develop applications better and faster

Optimizing your resources, processes, and development performance will help you deliver maximum value to the business. Results Buzz is your answer for:

  • Tracking success against predefined stand
  • Defining personal development plans
  • Improving or changing processes that are not working
Capability Management

Drive results by refining your processes

Capability Buzz will give you the visibility you need to improve your service delivery processes by:

  • Monitoring which business processes are actually being used
  • Optimizing your existing processes
  • Creating new processes to respond to business demand
Issue Management

Ensure timely resolution of issues

Issues Buzz ensures issues are tracked and managed. With Issues Buzz:

  • Commitments are monitored for timely resolution
  • Automated follow up techniques ensure on-point results
  • Catastrophic problems are avoided
IT Healthcheck Management

Effectively harness your organization

HealthCheck Buzz helps you analyze your organization to deliver optimal solutions. With HealthCheck Buzz you can focus on what matters most:

  • Business Alignment
  • Cost Containment
  • Risk Mitigation

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See the Business Value behind ITBuzz. Read our white paper on utilizing key performance indicators to run IT like a business.

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